At Pixum Company, we offer top-notch online application processing, tickets and payments services to our prospective clients - Individuals, Corporate organization. Our services include: Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America & South America.

- Booking and reservation of any hotel and flight of your choice to various destination in the world.

- Getting interview appointments to USA and Schengen countries.

- Online application processing and payments.

- We offer an up-to-date advice on visa and immigration matters both in Nigeria and abroad.

- Travel and health insurance processing.

- Excursion and Group Tour.

- With our network of experts we advise on the preparation, processing, filling and follow up on any application.

- Getting admission to any Colleges or University in UK, USA and Canada, Tuition Free Institutions and scholarship abroad.

- We have very competent Team who are professionally grounded on immigration and travel matters.

- Hajj and Umrah packages for all categories of travelers with an approved and licensed Haji and Umrah Agency.

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